April - October 2023 • VIRTUAL SERIES

2023 Building Blocks for Sharing Science: More tools for your toolbox

We’re back this year with a refreshed lineup of course offerings! Take a look at the new iteration of our popular Building Blocks series, brought to you by the Lake Superior Reserve Coastal Training Program and Ohio Coastal Training Program.

What is the Building Blocks series?

This virtual series is tailored for professionals, practitioners and leaders working on Great Lakes coastal issues and is designed to address communication challenges we commonly encounter in environmental and science-adjacent careers. Our courses will help you build confidence whether you facilitate meetings, develop graphics, author reports or proposals, articulate the value of the natural world – or all of the above!

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Some of the topics addressed in this learning series are:

  • Thoughtful selection of inclusive language
  • Redirecting disruptive behavior in meetings for more positive outcomes
  • Developing effective data visuals, survey tools, and graphic products
  • Designing compelling grant proposals
  • How to estimate and convey the value of ecosystem services

Cost: There is a $20 charge for each two-hour course, and we offer a discounted rate if you sign up for every course in the series. We are committed to making these courses accessible to those that wish to experience them. If cost is a barrier for your attendance, please reach out to training coordinators Karina Heim and Emily Kuzmick.

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Each of these offerings is a standalone course, and we encourage you to sign up for as many as you like. Sign up for the entire series of 6 workshops and receive a $15 discount. Registration fees* for each course are $15 to $20, depending on course length.

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*Refunds can be issued up to 48 hours in advance of each training event. We require the full two days notice to issue a refund. Please contact the organizers if you have questions.

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Karina Heim, Coastal Training Program Coordinator

Emily Kuzmick, Ohio Coastal Training Program Coordinator