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2022 St. Louis River Summit Day 2


March 8, 2022
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

8:30AM • Welcome from Wisconsin

Superior Mayor Jim Paine

8:40AM • Orientation to the Day

Reserve staff

JENNIFER CHENOWETH, Artist and Human Experience Cartographer
Healing Places Through Creative Action

Artist Jennifer Chenoweth makes contemporary art in any material that fits the idea, from drawings to large sculpture to interactive collaborative projects. Her recent project the XYZ Atlas mapped how we experience belonging and culminated in a TEDMED talk released in 2018. She now curates the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel in Austin, Texas to consider the purpose of our lives in the context of a historic cemetery.

This year’s Summit theme speaks directly to pandemic recovery and brighter days ahead for our communities, river recovery as St. Louis River Area of Concern work progresses, and the transformative work of understanding and addressing climate change. The 2022 Summit main program will be hosted virtually. Optional in-person elements include a poster session, field trips, and a River Talk. Register for the Summit at lakesuperiornerr.org/summit

SESSION 4: Transforming Communities





10:30AM • Meet in the Hallway

Connect with presenters in Zoom breakout rooms after the session concludes.

SESSION 5: Understanding our Progress







12:15pm • Meet in the Hallway

Connect with presenters in Zoom breakout rooms after the session concludes.

12:30PM • Lunch Break & Networking Sessions

People with shared interests and unique knowledge have a lot to talk about when they come together! The Summit strives to support collaboration on timely topics to the St. Louis River community by creating space for networking sessions. These optional sessions are established through the submission of an abstract indicating interest in hosting a conversation or smaller work session during the Summit. This year, networking sessions will be held in a virtual Zoom environment.

SESSION 6: Water We Love You





3:00PM • Meet in the Hallway

Connect with presenters in Zoom breakout rooms after the session concludes.


St. Louis River Summit Poster Session


The River Talks: Bawa'iganaakoog (Wild Rice harvesting sticks)

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