Dec 15th, 2023, Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve

Monitoring data from two research reserves is now live on Seagull, with a buoy on the way

Jun 27th, 2023, Great Lakes Observing System

As emerald ash borers decimate trees, new forest planted to replace them

Jun 24th, 2023, Duluth News Tribune

Restoration Project To Revive Forest Along St. Louis River Underway

Jun 6th, 2023, Fox 21

Water quality sampling effort in Lake Superior estuary targets emerging threats from harmful algal blooms

May 12th, 2023, Wisconsin Public Radio

New Grant To Increase Water Quality Monitoring in St. Louis River Estuary

May 8th, 2023, Fox 21

Accessible bird observing event along the St. Louis River

May 8th, 2023, WDIO (abc)

Consortium selected for Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding

Apr 28th, 2023, Hometown Focus

Indigenous Leadership and Partnerships in Estuary Stewardship

National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Lake Superior is among the fastest-warming lakes on the planet. Climate change may be the culprit behind its algae blooms, too.

Oct 15th, 2021, Chicago Tribune

Lake Superior Reserve Debuts New Boat Launch

Sep 22nd, 2021, Fox 21 Local News

Environmental improvements to Barker’s Island progressing

Sep 21st, 2021, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Barker’s Island projects aim to protect local waters

Sep 21st, 2021, Superior Telegram

Superior completes boat launch at Pokegama Bay

Sep 17th, 2021, Superior Telegram

Tour celebrates green infrastructure growth on Barker’s Island

Sep 14th, 2021, KBJR 6

Green Infrastructure tour on Barker’s Island

Sep 14th, 2021, ABC WDIO

Rivers2Lake Program continues connecting teachers and students to the Lake Superior Watershed

Sep 14th, 2021, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Lake Superior Reserve one of 12 Science Collaborative awards for “Greener Shores” shoreline planting guide project

Aug 31st, 2021, National Estuarine Research Reserve System Science Collaborative

Annual Lake Superior Day Celebration Returns to Barkers Island

Jul 18th, 2021, Fox 21

Twin Ports rallies around Lake Superior Day

Jul 18th, 2021, ABC WDIO

Welcome Luciana Ranelli

May 25th, 2021, NERRA

Congress Extends Funding For Clean Up Efforts On The Great Lakes

Dec 21st, 2020, Wisconsin Public Radio

Great Lakes Estuaries, rich ecosystems in our backyard

Oct 11th, 2020, Agate Online Magazine

Outdoor STEM class keeping students engaged during remote learning

Oct 14th, 2020, CBS 3 Duluth

NOAA funds Pokegama River boat launch

Sep 25th, 2020, Superior Telegram

Pokegama River Launch Site Will Soon Get Needed Upgrades

Sep 23rd, 2020, Fox 21 Local News

Lake Superior Reserve announces Molly Wick as the first Margaret A. Davidson Fellow

Aug 15th, 2020, Duluth News Tribune

Scavenger hunt extends Lake Superior Day celebration

Jul 14th, 2020, Superior Telegram

Talk NERRdy With Me: Deanna Erickson

Mar 16th, 2020, National Estuarine Research Reserve System Association

NOAA teams up with Viking to conduct and share science aboard new Great Lakes expedition voyages

Jan 16th, 2020, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Mentoring works: Teachers engage year-round with Lake Superior

Oct 9th, 2019, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A college student’s search for bloody red shrimp

Oct 16th, 2019, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Connecting teachers and students to the Lake Superior Watershed

Oct 3rd, 2019, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

Lake Superior Reserve Partners with U.S. Coast Guard

Sep 25th, 2019, WDIO-TV

Sensitive Coastal Habitat Restored Along Lake Superior’s Wisconsin Point

Sep 20th, 2019, Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin Point Fully Opens to Public After a Three Year Reconstruction Project

Sep 20th, 2019, Fox 21 News

What surprised you about working in an estuary? 12 scholars share their insights

Sep 14th, 2019, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Green Visions: immersing teachers – literally – in the Lake Superior watershed

Aug 28th, 2019, KUMD 103.3

Washed Away: Northwest Wisconsin Copes With The Costs Of A Changing Climate

Aug 15th, 2019, WisContext

Youth Outdoors-Duluth bridges the gap between young people and the outdoors

Aug 14th, 2019, Minnesota Public Radio

Northland teachers get their feet wet

Aug 11th, 2019, Duluth News Tribune

U.S. Sen. Baldwin tours Montreal Pier research facility

Aug 8th, 2019, Superior Telegram

Celebrating the Big Lake on Barker’s Island

Jul 21st, 2019, ABC WDIO

Locals celebrate the Great Lake

Jul 21st, 2019, CBS 3 Duluth

Community members celebrate Lake Superior Day

Jul 21st, 2035, KBJR 6

Celebrating Lake Superior, Restored Barker’s Island Beach

Jul 21st, 2019, FOX 21 KQDS

Lake Superior Day 2019 – Be the Big Lake’s BFF

Jul 17th, 2019, Lake Superior Magazine

River Rovers gets kids outdoors, maybe wet and dirty

Jun 29th, 2019, Duluth News Tribune

Lake Superior Estuarium Gets Kids Excited About Nature

Jun 20th, 2019, FOX 21 KQDS

New Environmental Research Fellowship Program Seeking Applicants

Jun 20th, 2019, NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management

Teaming Up to Train Professionals on Harmful Algal Blooms

May 31st, 2019, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Lake Superior Reserve Director testifies before Congress on climate change

May 24th, 2019, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension

Washburn Goes to Washington

May 16th, 2019, National Estuarine Research Reserve Association

Storm Water Runoff Training for Construction Professionals

Mar 25th, 2019, FOX 21 KQDS

Aloha, Wisconsin!

Mar 12th, 2019, National Estuarine Research Reserve Association

Nine things I learned during the ninth annual St. Louis River Summit

Mar 11th, 2019, Wisconsin Sea Grant

9th annual St. Louis River Summit to focus on river towns

Feb 5th, 2019, Travel Superior

St. Louis River Summit At UWS

Mar 5th, 2019, KDAL 610 AM 103.9 FM Duluth, MN

Community members focus on keeping St. Louis River clean

Mar 5th, 2019, KBJR6

Cleanup Talks Lead 2019 St. Louis River Summit

Mar 6th, 2019, Fox21

Green Visions: An Informal Setting for Discourse about River Management

Feb 13th, 2019, KUMD 103.3 Duluth Public Radio

Nature Play at the Estuarium

Jan 16th, 2019, WDSE -WRPT

WPR climate change discussion features Reserve staff

Oct 19th, 2018, Hear Me Out, Wisconsin Public Radio

Educators, band members put on inaugural Wild About Rice Festival

Sep 29th, 2018, Duluth News Tribune

Geese police hoping kayakers can protect wild rice

Aug 11th, 2018, Duluth News Tribune

River Rovers Program Held

Jun 28th, 2018, Fox 21 Local News

Husky Listening Session, May 14, 2018 – Full Report (Release 1)

May 23rd, 2018, Douglas County University of Wisconsin-Extension

For the Birds Radio Program: Visiting Port Wing’s South Shore School

Apr 25th, 2018, Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Author Wallace J. Nichols examines the role water plays in our emotional well-being

Mar 16th, 2018, Hear Me Out, Wisconsin Public Radio

UWS Hosts St. Louis River Summit

Mar 13th, 2018, KDAL Radio

“Going Blue” at 8th Annual River Summit

Mar 13th, 2018, Fox News (Duluth)

UWS Hosts 8th Annual St. Louis River Summit

Mar 7th, 2018, Wisconsin Public Radio KUWS

Summit focuses on St. Louis River health

Mar 2nd, 2018, Superior Telegram

St. Louis River Summit Addresses Progress, Concerns in River Environment

Mar 13th, 2018, WDIO-TV

St. Louis River Summit gets in a ‘Blue’ state of mind

Mar 2nd, 2018, UW-Superior

Explore the new Lake Superior Estuarium

Nov 1st, 2017, Duluth Seaway Port Authority North Star Port, Fall 2017

Lake Superior Reserve and Carpenter’s Local #361 Unite

Sep 10th, 2017, National Estuarine Research Reserve Association

Green Visions: New Lake Superior Estuarium

Aug 30th, 2017, KUMD 103.3 FM Duluth Public Radio

Communities Celebrate Lake Superior Day

Jul 17th, 2017, WDIO/WIRT

Lake Superior Day

Jul 14th, 2017, Hear Me Out, Wisconsin Public Radio

Piping Plover Restoration is Topic for Next River Talk

Oct 31st, 2016, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute - Marie Zhuikov

New search effort targets microplastics in Lake Superior

Aug 19th, 2016, Duluth News Tribune

UW-Superior hosting Emmy Award-winning TV show

Jul 14th, 2016, 610KDAL

Estuary research group honors UWS employees

Jan 31st, 2016, Duluth News Tribune

Stockholm Junior Water Prize Students Make a Big Splash in Water Research

Jan 31st, 2016, WEF News - Highlights