Research Coordinator

The Research Coordinator serves as the lead scientist at the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (Reserve), developing and directing an applied research program that works across scientific disciplines to advance knowledge and understanding of freshwater systems on the St. Louis River estuary and coastal Lake Superior. The current research program focuses on coastal wetland science including effective land and water protection, restoration science, impacts of and response to invasive species and regional climate impacts and mitigating strategies. Based at the headwaters of the Great Lakes, the Reserve provides an established waterfront analytical laboratory, well equipped on-site vessels and work vehicle, and the 16,697-acre living laboratory within Reserve boundaries.

The Research Coordinator collaborates with diverse partners and stakeholder groups including Indigenous people and local communities to identify shared research priorities in coastal wetlands and estuarine systems. They coordinate with the Reserve’s stewardship, monitoring, outreach and education programs and supervise and mentor research staff, fellows and interns. They may be expected to instruct in an undergraduate environmental science major at another institution on a bi-annual basis depending on funding and partnerships.

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