Stewardship Coordinator

The stewardship coordinator works with partners to restore and protect lands included within Reserve boundaries and promote resilient coastal ecosystems in the St. Louis River estuary and Lake Superior watershed. They help the Reserve and its partners lessen the impact of existing threats to ecosystem resiliency in the St. Louis River estuary and surrounding watershed. To respond proactively to existing and emerging stressors such as invasive species, coastal erosion, marine debris and climate change, the stewardship coordinator develops stewardship plans and priorities, seeks funding to implement the plans, and assists with monitoring to track project effectiveness

The stewardship coordinator collaborates with First Nation partners to support the inclusion of Indigenous and local knowledge in land management decisions, where appropriate. They integrate the use of geospatial technology (ArcGIS) in support of Reserve work. This position may coordinate volunteer efforts, lead or support grant proposals, and work closely with local land managers and Reserve staff in improving the management of estuarine wetlands and adjacent uplands. They integrate the stewardship program with Reserve research, monitoring, education and coastal training efforts and the strategic vision of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.

This position operates in coordination with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, City of Superior, Douglas County and UW-Superior, who own land included within the boundaries of the Reserve. They likewise coordinate with partners at the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Ojibwe) and other First Nation organizations to support ceded territory rights along the St. Louis River estuary.