Highs and Lows Conference

A one day event for coastal managers dedicated to Lake Superior’s fluctuating water levels.Many consecutive years of high water conditions in Lake Superior have challenged coastal professionals to consider the best use and management of coastal areas in the face of threatened infrastructure and landscapes, eroding shorelines, elevated storm hazards, and anxious residents. Sustained high water levels over a five-year … Read More

NOAA Digital Coast Trainings

Bringing NOAA’s Digital Coast to Lake SuperiorThrough its affiliation with NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management, the Lake Superior Reserve connects the resources of NOAA’s Digital Coast with a western Lake Superior audience – including many professional training opportunities. Expert instructors at NOAA have a catalog of engaging workshops on coastal topics ranging from adaptation planning to risk communication. In 2018, … Read More

Stormwater Training for Contractors

Supporting responsible stormwater management in the Lake Superior basinThe coastal training program works with regional partners to sponsor and co-develop workshops that focus on promotion of clean water management practices for a variety of professionals. The Reserve works with the City of Superior to host a Stormwater Training for Contractors, boosting awareness not only of regulatory requirements but also an … Read More

Blooms and the Big Lake Workshop

A day of learning and discussion for Lake Superior science, health and local management professionals to address emerging nearshore and basin cyanobacterial bloom events.Previously undetected in Lake Superior, algal blooms were spotted on three separate occasions between 2012 and 2018, prompting concerns among water resource managers about the “new normal” for the lake. Through a new partnership with Wisconsin Division … Read More