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Coastal Training

St. Louis River Summit

Staff Publications

Feldbrugge, Ryan (2006) "Intentionality in Kant and Wittgensetin," Journal of Undergraduate Research at Minnesota State University, Mankato: Vol. 6 , Article 5.

Feldbrugge, Ryan M. The Effect of a Canoe-Based Wilderness Immersion Experience on Young Adolescents’ Connectedness to Nature. Diss. 2016.

2020-2025 Management Plan

The Reserve Management Plan sets the direction for our programs from 2020 to 2025. The strategic plan outlines overall outcomes of our work, while each sector (research and monitoring, education, coastal training, reserve administration, stewardship and land acquisition) clarifies their own objectives aligned with those outcomes. As part of the National Estuarine Research Reserve system, Reserves update management plans every five years with support from the Reserve Advisory Board.

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