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Get Involved

Support the Lake Superior Reserve

The Lake Superior Reserve welcomes donations to our University of Wisconsin Foundation account as well as through the Friends of the Lake Superior Reserve. Donations help us expand our programming and reach.

Volunteer with the Friends of the Lake Superior Reserve

The Friends of the Lake Superior Reserve is a membership-based, nonprofit that supports the mission and operation of the Reserve. Friends members raise funds, host events, recruit volunteers and volunteer themselves in a number of ways to support our work on the estuary.

Research With Us

The Lake Superior Reserve welcomes research partnerships that expand our understanding of the St. Louis River Estuary, Lake Superior and the communities on their shores. With exceptional facilities in a unique waterfront location, the Reserve is designed to offer support for research partners as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

Lake Superior Water Spotter

In 2020, we started a collection site to help document shoreline impacts from water levels on Lake Superior. Even as water levels recede from extreme high levels, we hope to continue soliciting citizen photos from around Lake Superior that capture dynamic water level changes and establish a visual record of what fluctuating water at the shoreline can do. Photos establish a collective memory of conditions. Help our communities prepare for the higher highs and lower lows that experts predict we will see in Lake Superior in the future.