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At the Lake Superior Reserve, we are committed to making our data publicly available and FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Below you will find links to the various places that you can access and interact with Reserve publications, data, and reports.

Repository for St. Louis River water quality monitoring and weather data

Click on the graphic of Wisconsin to download our data or scroll to our real time data stations, labeled LKSBAWQ and LKSPOMET.

Live display of St. Louis River telemetered weather and water data.

Use the map to locate and view our live data stations in Superior, WI.

Find documents such as proceedings, reports, needs assessments and student research products from all Reserve programs.

The link takes you to the Reserve’s page. Click on the collections (Education and Outreach, Research and Monitoring, Reserve Informational Documents, or St. Louis River Summit) to browse documents.

Repository for code, facilitates secondary data product development, and support collaboration on data projects.

The link takes you directly to the Reserve’s GitHub page.

Allows for secondary data GIS products and collaborative GIS work. 

The link takes you directly to the Reserve’s ArcGIS Online page.

Find technical information and peer-reviewed publications generated by or related to the Reserve.  

The link takes you directly to the Reserve’s Zotero library. You may need to register for a free Zotero account.

Repository for all non-monitoring environmental data collected by the Reserve. 

Data coming soon.